Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Honey gets its colour from the nectar that a hive gathers to make it. Because plants blossom at different times of year and bees collect honey nearly year-round. Each hive can produce radically different colours of honey from the different type of flowers.When the honey extracted and kept more than a year, the colour of honey will become darker.

While darker honey is more flavourful and intense than light, it also contains more nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The light honeys are sweet while dark honeys are heavy and rich.

Real honey contains active enzymes, proteins and amino acids. The enzymes in your body help to perform very important tasks. These include building muscle, destroying toxins, and breaking down food particles during digestion. When you shake the honey bottle, it will produce some fine air bubbles. This shows that the honey has been packed naturally, without any heating or added artificial sugars. This is genuine wild raw honey.

There's no need to store honey in the fridge. Store your honey in an air-tight glass jar located in a cool dry area away from the sun or any heat-producing appliances in your kitchen. Avoid storing honey in metal because it can oxidize.

Well-stored honey never expires or spoils, even if it's been previously opened.

Honey is acidic due to its organic acid content. The pH scale of honey is usually between 3.4 – 6.1. Because acidic substances can corrode metals (such as iron spoon) it is feared that metal components can be mixed in honey. Like the concept of cooking utensils with acidic ingredients too. Not all honey has the same level of acidity. The effect of this reaction only occurs if it is left to soak in the honey for a long time.

Honey has amino acids, mineral and vitamins that help in absorption of cholesterol and fat, thereby preventing weight gain. In order to build up our immunity, we recommend you to take:

  • 2 table spoons (whether mixed with water or not) of our Natural Wild Honey in the morning with empty stomach for best results. It helps you smooth bowel movements andremain energised.
  • 1 table spoon at night before bed time (whether mixed with water or not), it is able to optimize your sleep.
  • If you have cough, you should take our Natural Wild Honey without mixing with water as the effect will be better.

When you heat honey, you essentially destroy the exzyme glucose-oxidase. It is this enzyme that turns into oxygen peroxide, which has an antibacterial effect. Heated honey loses all of its medicinal qualities.

No, due to some countries have restrictions on how much you can send, and others have areas that you cannot send honey. For overseas purchase, we would prefer that if you could find your own shipping forwarder to collect the honey from us.