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How to identify Genuine Wild RAW Honey How to identify Genuine Wild RAW Honey

How to identify Genuine Wild RAW Honey

Words from the founder - Mr. Richard Teo

Rather than spend a fortune on medical bill and suffer when you get old and sick, why not invest regularly in natural health food?

You will feel its positive impact on your health after consuming it for 2 to 3 months.


What to Expect After Regular Intake of Natural Wild RAW Honey?

Honey is basically produced by bees – by collecting nectar from flowers. Therefore, it is recommended that you smell the honey before you start to consume it. You will notice that there is a sweet flower fragrance smell from the honey – the flower fragrance varies, depending on the different flowers from which the nectar has been collected The color of RAW honey varies according to their botanical origin and the weather of the place where the plants grow. In general, dark honeys have higher mineral contents (e.g. potassium, manganese, iron, sodium, etc.) than lighter ones (Czech Journal Food Science, 2015; Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, Vol 18, 2014). Also, the darker the honey color, the higher the phenolic and flavonoid contents and the antioxidant levels.

1) When consuming, taste the honey slowly; you will realise that the first taste will be sweet, thereafter, followed by either sour, bitter or even salty taste.

2) Real honey when left in the freezer will never freeze. Try putting your honey into the freezer for 24 hours and see what happen. Genuine honey will not freeze into ice, but if kept in the freezer or fridge for too long, its colour will change to beige, and becomes jelly. When it is taken out from the freezer or fridge and left in room temperature for some time, the colour will change to its original colour, with only some settlement remaining at the bottom of the glass bottle. You are not recommended to leave your honey in the fridge or freezer. Honey should be kept at normal room temperature, in a dry area inside a tightly covered container. Over time the honey will darken and its flavour will change but it will be safe to eat indefinitely. As it darkens, it may change the flavour or become cloudy. As the honey becomes cloudy, you may even notice crystals in it. This will not make the honey unsafe for consumption as long as it has been stored properly.

3) Real honey will attract ants, bees and flies when left in the open.

4) You can also expect the following effects after taking Natural Wild RAW Honey:-

(a)Burping and Releasing of gas from the body. Belching and flatulence maybe signs of intense healing experienced during detoxification. These signs are also known as the Herxheimer effects. 1 Detoxification refers to the one-off release of built-up toxins, causing a host of unpleasant and transitional reactions such as burping, flatulence, diarrhoea, itchiness, coughing, build-up of mucous, running nose etc. These reactions are temporary and when they go away, you will feel much better, as toxins has being cleansed from your body.

(b)A lot of waste matter will be discharged from the body through the bowels and there would be one day when you would have an extreme amount of excrement when you go to the toilet. (This is the reaction of detoxification.

(c) Urine will be clearer and there will not be smelly odour from the urine when you consume RAW honey daily as toxics are slowly being removed from your body system.

(d)Itchy skin (or increased itch) is another detoxification‘s reaction you may experience after taking Natural Wild Raw Honey. Consumption of raw honey will result in the increased release of chemicals that the body has previously stored in your tissues. In the process of detoxification, the toxins are now dumped into the bloodstream, the eliminatory organs like your skin may not be able to keep up with the increased toxic load, resulting in itchy skin. Bear with it, as this itchiness symptom will subside over time as the toxins has been purged.

5) Research shows that honey helps with quality of sleep. Dr Ron Fessenden, who researched claims that honey improves sleep quality said that, raw honey contains “an ideal ratio of fructose to glucose,” that supports the liver, an organ that works non-stop, during the sleeping process. if you take raw honey before bedtime, it will intelligently restocks the liver with a stable supply of liver glycogen which our brain demands for the 8 hrs of night fast, so that your brain doesn’t trigger a stress response interrupting your sleep. Raw honey also contributes to the release of melatonin, which is the hormone required for both the recovery and rebuilding of body tissues during rest.

6) Studies show that honey is good for brain health. Stefan Bogdanov in his “Bee Product Science” says: antiacetylcholinesterase activity is thought to be linked with the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Several raw honey found in the tropics has significant antiacetylcholinesterase activity, and hence may help prevent Alzheimer’s. According to Ron Fessenden in “The New Honey Revolution”, a daily 2 consumption of honey helps prevent all neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. A dose of honey taken right before bedtime feeds our brain with the necessary liver glycogen and keeps us safe from chronic brain starvation, chronic sleep loss and chronic metabolic stress, which could trigger a lot of diseases.

7) You will also notice teardrops from your eyes after regular intake or application of RAW honey on the eyes– no panic, as soon after, you will realise and experience better and clearer vision. Many studies have shown that RAW honey acts as a super tonic for improving vision and reducing inflammation or redness or irritation of the eyes. Most of the eyesight problems occur due to the weakness in the adjoining muscular tissues in the eyes and poor functioning of the optical nerves. RAW Honey, being rich in protein, vitamin C, niacin and riboflavin etc. helps in strengthening the muscular tissues.

On the other hand, zinc, magnesium and iron present in honey strengthen the optical nerves very quickly. As a result, regular internal and external use of honey on the eyes improves eyesight. Researchers at the International Bee Research Association also reported that honey is a better natural eye cure for dry eyes than artificial tears. Though the solution used contained only 20% honey, it was found that honey could treat eye infection even when diluted. American Apitherapy Society showed a significant improvement in a corneal ulcer condition with tropical honey. Its antioxidant and osmotic properties can cure eye infections. For a wide range of eye disorders and eye infections, such as blepharoconjunctivitis, corneal ulcers of inflammatory traumatic origin, ulcerative blepharitis, dimness of the cornea, eye irritation, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and trachoma, fresh and untreated raw honey is often the best medicine for a wide range of eye disorders, proves to be the absolute medicine.

Several studies have pointed out that honey eye drops work effectively cure conjunctivitis. Honey, if consumed regularly, can prevent eye cataract to a large extent. If the cataract is in the initial stage, fresh comb raw honey is an ideal remedy. Dailymail.co.uk.com published an astounding news about how someone had used honey to cure a painful, chronic eye infection that has troubled him for years.

How to apply?

I. Using a dropper, squeeze one to two drops of honey into the eye.

II. Apply two to three times daily until infection clears.

III. For cataracts, a drop of liquid honey in corner of eye at night would be helpful ~ Paavo Airola, PhD (a naturopath), 1974. 3

IV. Do not worry if you experience an itching sensation immediately after applying the drops. This burning sensation is normal, and it will cool down gradually.

Other than modern day studies, honey was said to be used for eye care. a. Refreshes Tired Eyes - Apply honey over closed eyelids. Take rest and relax with some good music playing in the background for half an hour before washing it off with cold water. This will relief your strained eyes. Alternatively, try some honey on tired and bloodshot eyes at night and see how it brightens the eyes in the morning. b.Prevents Macular Degeneration - Honey is full of antioxidants that help in keeping our eye muscles healthy and working in the best way. c. Protects Your Eyes From Glaucoma - Many studies have stated that using honey as an eye drop regularly reduces the possibility of occurrence of this disease by 50%. d.Works as An Optic Nerve Tonic - Honey can help in increasing the production of nitric oxide that is required for efficient blood flow to the optic nerves. So, start using honey now to ensure better vision in the future. (CAUTION: Our eyes are really precious. Hence, we need to look out for all the possible risks associated with any product we put in our eyes. If you have any previous allergy to pollens and other bee-related sensitivity, avoid using honey in your eyes.)

8) Honey helps break down excess mucus in your lungs and expel it together with toxins from the lungs. For a period of time you will experience an increase of phlegm and mucus being expelled out from your lungs through cough and running nose in stages: I. Stage One: Phlegm and mucus being expelled through running nose; this will cause toxics to be cleared from your nose, thus will help those who are having snoring issues. II. Stage Two: Phlegm and mucus being expelled through 3 stages of deep, hard coughing - - 1st hard cough - a lot of mucus and phlegm will be discharged - 2nd hard cough - will be harder than the first cough but mucus and phlegm discharged will be lesser than the first cough - 3rd hard cough - will be much harder than the first 2 coughs but discharge of phlegm and mucus will be much lesser. Above is clearing of mucus from the respiratory system. Expelling of mucus always occurs when you are truly healing the body of disease.

Our body 4 produce mucus to protect itself from toxins and dust inhaled. Toxins get trapped in the mucus and are expectorated by coughing and spitting out mucus. However, some may have difficulty eliminating the mucus from their bodies, resulting in the build-up of mucus over the years. This may lead to lung congestion, because mucus tend to suffocate the cells and tissues. Lung congestion may lead to some major health problems like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, sinus issues, and sleep apnea. Cleaning the mucus out of the body is the key to healing from lung congestion! Some people struggle to cough out the mucus. This is a sign of major dehydration. Taking high hydrating and alkaline food lie raw honey, can help loosen the deep layers of mucus within the body. The darker the mucus that comes out during detox, the more serious the health issues the person has.

Yellow mucus is a layer below the clear mucus. It is mucus that has been trapped in the body for a longer time than the clear one. It is the subacute stage of disease. Green or brown mucus is that next level down - the chronic level. This explains the 3 stages of detoxification with the mucus turning from green to yellow then to being clear. Hence, please bear with these 3 hard coughs as this is detoxification and clearing your lungs of toxins and will result in more oxygen being inhaled without blockage so that blood can carry the oxygen to your brain and the immune system, hence will relieve breathlessness and fatigue.

9) RAW honey is a home remedy for diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and other common stomach complications like stomach ulcers caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria. Bacterial gastroenteritis is caused due to the bacteria attaching to the mucosal epithelial cells. Honey blocks the attachment of the pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal cells, thereby lowering your risk of infections and preventing you from gastrointestinal tract (GI) infections. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of honey, also help in quick recovery from diarrhoea caused due to bacterial infection. When taken with water for rehydration, honey helps improve the potassium absorption without increasing the intake of sodium. It also plays a key role in repairing the damaged intestinal mucosa by stimulating growth of new tissues and also works as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Hence, including honey in your diet not only prevents you from bacterial infections of the GI tract but also aids in the treatment of diarrhoea and dehydration

10) RAW honey is a super food for anemia suffers, because honey contains important minerals that aid in haemoglobin production – iron, copper, and manganese. When honey is taken on a daily basis, anemia sufferers have noticed a significant increase in energy levels. Researchers have determined that honey “is known to increase calcium absorption, haemoglobin count, and 5 to treat or prevent anemia caused by nutritional factors” (Eugene & Nelson, n.d.).

11) Walking difficulties may be due to arthritis. RAW Honey can help relieve arthritis pain. A study from Copenhagen University treated their arthritis patients with a concoction of raw honey and cinnamon powder right before breakfast found that after a week, out of 200 patients, 73 were relieved of their symptoms, walking without pain after a month. Cinnamon and honey mixed together are also promoted by Ayurvedic medicine. This remedy can also be applied topically to the painful area and massaged into the skin. Gout can also be a cause of walking difficulties. Raw Honey is not a high purine food, so eating RAW honey will not trigger any gout attacks. Gout suffers with a sweet tooth can include a little raw honey in their gout diet. Some elderlies have difficulties walking, hence they walk very slowly – this may be due to blockage in their intestine, preventing the body waste and accumulated gas in the digestive system from being released through the anus. Taking genuine wild honey regularly will help to release the gas and waste.

12) Some observed improvement in their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, after daily consumption of RAW honey for a period of time. Honey’s antioxidant properties are critical in counteracting free radicals responsible for triggering the aging process and diseases such as hypertension and high blood cholesterol and diabetes (General Medicine, 2014; Food Chem. 2007). RAW honey stands at an average glycemic index of 30-40, putting it on the low end of the glycemic range. Hence it is an ideal sweetener in a diabetic diet. Most commercial pasteurized honeys in the market usually score between 55- 80 on the index, which is very high. Of course if you eat large quantities of anything sweet, you will cause your blood sugar to rise, so only in moderation please.

13)  The positive scientific evidence for anticancer properties of honey is growing. Some studies suggest that honey inhibits cell proliferation, induction of apoptosis, and cell-cycle arrest. There is now a sizeable evidence that honey is a natural immune booster, natural anti inflammatory agent, natural antimicrobial agent and natural promoter for healing chronic ulcers and wounds. 

14) Young, growing up children often suffer from high fever. Giving them genuine wild honey can help prevent this, because RAW honey is highly nutritious, containing multi-vitamin such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, sulphur and 6 phosphate. Hence, taking honey can help kids boost their immunity, and having them less susceptible to disease. Feed honey only to infant above 1 year old. These health benefits of honey can only be found in raw honey which is unpasteurized because if the honey has been pasteurized, heat processing will kill off the beneficial components in the honey.

15) Honey helps wound healing. When applied to severely infected cut wounds, honey being antimicrobial and antibiotic, is capable of clearing infection from the wound and improving tissue healing. When applied on a bleeding wound, honey produces hydrogen peroxide that disinfects the wound and also promotes faster healing of the skin. Numerous studies have indicated that honey can also alleviate pain and swelling of the wound and eventually enhancing wound healing in burns, cuts, ulcers, for instance foot ulcers, and other cutaneous wounds.

Applying honey on minor cuts should stop the bleeding in 10 to 15 seconds, but keep it on for 10 minutes to kill any bacteria at the site of the wound. Continue to apply it twice daily to help the wound heal faster. Many scientific studies have discovered that honey is able to effectively reduce the healing time of burn wounds. According to the clinical research report by the Contemporary Nurse (Volume 51, Issue 2-3, 2015) that honey is even better in treating burn wounds than silver, the dominant antibacterial dressing. It was found that not only does honey have more antibacterial qualities and heal burn wounds faster than silver (measured in the number of days needed for wounds to heal), it also does not have the toxic effect of silver on the skin. In another study, using data from 19 clinical trials dealing with 2,554 patients with untreated wounds, the doctors were able to prove that honey helped the wounds heal quicker than normal gauze and film dressings that commonly used to treat burns.

Another study published in the International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds involved researchers discovering a wide variety of treatment qualities found in honey that are almost unparalleled to other forms of treatment. After conducting 22 trials involving 2,062 patients who were subjected with honey as a wound dressing, the following properties were found: 

  • Infections were not only cleared, but wounds were protected from spreading bacteria
  • Honey was able to control and eliminate strong odours from wounds 
  • Permanent scarring was dramatically reduced 
  • Honey promoted anti-inflammatory activity

16) Raw Honey is a great for relieving bug bites, bee stings and other insect bites, because it has an anti-inflammatory effect and has antibacterial power 4 times stronger than a regular antibacterial gel. Honey may help reduce itching of the bite. 7 To treat bee stings with honey, apply a small amount to the affected area. Cover with a loose bandage and leave on for up to an hour.

17) Eczema treatment - Studies have shown honey could treat atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema, successfully. The natural food can soothe skin rashes when rubbed on skin as it contains “antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties”, said the health website Netdoctor. You can either eat 2 tablespoons of raw honey each day and / or apply it topically to get the beneficial effects.

18) Honey has been used for centuries for beauty. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, this raw honey mask can effectively reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate, tone, and clear skin in days. And suitable for all skin types, this mask works well in nourishing and protecting healthy skin as well as healing and repairing skin that is troubled by acne, rosacea, rash, eczema psoriasis, fungal infections and other skin problems. Application of natural wild RAW honey directly onto :- - Black spots : will slowly clear away the black spots in your body - Pimples - will cause pimples to ripen quickly, thus discharging the toxins in your skin, resulting in a smoother and improved skin complexion. In summary, Natural raw honey can help with the following health challenges:

Disclaimer: Website info is just fyi & doesn’t constitute any medical advice


创始人的话 - Richard Teo 先生


服用野蜜2至3个月后, 你就会体验到其对您健康的益处。





蜂蜜基本上是由蜜蜂采集植物的花蜜、分泌物或蜜露,与自身分泌物混合后,自然酿造而成的。因此,建议您在开始食用蜂蜜之前,先闻一闻气味。野生蜂蜜会散发出一种甜蜜、纯正的花香味 ——这股花香会因采集的花蜜不同而气味各异。 蜂蜜的颜色会因蜜蜂所采集花蜜的植物种类、生长地域和气候而异。一般而言,深色蜂蜜矿物质含量(如钾,锰,铁,钠等)比浅色高(来源:捷克食品科学期刊,Journal Food Science, 2015;沙特化学学会期刊,Journal of Saudi Chemical Society,  Vol 18,)。此外,蜂蜜颜色越深,其酚类和类黄酮含量越高,抗氧化剂越强。

  1.  食用野生蜂蜜时,先慢慢品尝其味道,因花的种类,地域环境的不同,您会尝到甜、酸、苦、咸等不同口感。 如果将蜂蜜放入冰箱冷冻,真正的蜂蜜不会凝结。您可试试将蜂蜜储存在冰箱冷冻库24小时,看看有何变化。真正的蜂蜜是不会凝结的,但如果存放在冷冻库或冰箱时间太长,蜂蜜的颜色会变成米色,蜂蜜还会变成果冻状。从冰箱中取出一段时间后,  蜂蜜又可恢复其原来的颜色,只是玻璃瓶底会有少许沉淀物。
  2. 建议不要将蜂蜜放在冰箱里储存。蜂蜜应储存于密封容器内,放置在室温、干燥地方。随着时间的推移,蜂蜜颜色会变暗,味道也会有所改变,但仍可安全食用。当颜色变暗时,看上去可能会有些混浊,甚至还可能会结晶,只要储存得当,仍可安全食用。
  3. 真正的蜂蜜如果没有密封、包装好,将会引来蚂蚁、蜜蜂和苍蝇等。
  4. 经常服用天然野生蜂蜜,身体会出现哪些好转反应 1 a) 打呃反应,从身体里释放出气体。这说明蜂蜜的活性成分在发挥作用了,开始影响肠道里微生物的活动,增加了胃肠道的蠕动,所以喝完蜂蜜就会放屁。蜂蜜有润肠通便泻火的作用。 b) 排便反应,将体内的废物通过肠道排出体外,或偶尔会出现排泄现象。  (这种排毒现象属正常反应,  无需寻求医疗帮助。在这过程中也不要服用抗生素,因为如果服用抗生素,毒素会被推回体内)。即使粪便中有少量血,也不用担心,这是因为肠内的毒素被自然清除。 c) 当您每天食用蜂蜜时,尿液也渐渐会变得清晰,不会出现臭味或浑浊,因为毒素已渐渐地从体内排出。 d) 食用天然野生蜂蜜有可能引起皮肤瘙痒(或增加瘙痒),这是好转反应症状之一。服用野蜜会增进排毒,排毒时皮肤可能会发痒。随着毒素的清除,瘙痒症状会消退。
  5. 真正的野生蜂蜜将有助于促进恢复性睡眠。研究蜂蜜改善睡眠质量的Ron Fessenden 博士说,野生蜂蜜含有“理想的果糖与葡萄糖的比例”,能为肝脏的代谢活动提供能量准备,能刺激肝组织再生,起到修复损伤的作用。肝脏在我们睡觉时工作,因此野蜜的保肝功能,可促进睡眠。睡前服用野蜜,可确保大脑在这8小时的睡眠中有足够的肝糖原供,不干扰睡眠。野生蜂蜜也有助于释放褪黑素,这是睡眠时有助恢复和重建人体组织所需的激素。
  6. 许多自然疗法者表明,蜂蜜有助于预防失智症,  如阿尔茨海默病,这是最常见的失智症的一种。  Stefan  Bogdanov在他的“蜂产品科学”(Bee  Product  Science)一书中写道:抗乙酰胆碱酯酶活性被认为与预防阿尔茨海默病等神经退化性疾病有关。  热带地区野生蜂蜜含有抗乙酰胆碱酯酶活性,因此可能有助于预防阿尔茨海默病  。  根据Ron Fessenden的著作“蜂蜜-革命性发现”( The New Honey  Revolution),每天食用蜂蜜有助于预防所有神经退行性疾病,如阿尔茨海默病、帕金森病。  在睡前服用蜂蜜可以给我们的大脑提供必要的肝糖原,使我们免于慢性睡眠丧失和慢性代谢压力,长期下来这些都有可能引发许多疾病,包括失智症。  
  7. 经常定时食用纯正野生蜂蜜,你会注意到眼睛有时候会落泪,这时你不用惊慌,渐渐的您会发现到您的视力也会更好,更清晰。许多研究表明,野生蜂蜜是改善视力,减轻眼部炎症的超级滋补品。野蜜含有丰富的蛋白质,维生素C,尼克酸和核黄素等,有助于增强眼睛邻近肌肉组织。另一方面,蜂蜜中存在的锌,镁和铁有助滋补光神经。因此,经常食用野蜜或在眼皮上外敷蜂蜜,或以蜂蜜水洗眼睛都有助于改善视力。 根据国际蜜蜂研究协会(International Bee Research Association)的研究,比起人工泪液,蜂蜜能更好的治疗干眼症。尽管蜂蜜只占溶液的20%,研究发现稀释的蜂蜜仍能治疗眼部感染。美国蜂疗协会(American Apitherapy Society)发现,在改善眼角膜溃疡症状上,热带蜂蜜有显著疗效。蜂蜜的抗氧化和渗透性可治疗眼部感染。 新鲜、未经处理的野生蜂蜜被证实有助于治疗多种眼疾,如结膜炎,眼睑结膜炎、炎性创伤性角膜溃疡、溃疡性睑缘炎、角膜昏暗、青光眼和沙眼。经常食用蜂蜜,可预防白内障。当白内障处于初步阶段,新鲜野蜜有助于防止其恶化。一些研究显示,用蜂蜜制成的滴眼液可有效治疗结膜炎,因为它具有抗菌功能。 英国媒体Dailymail.co.uk.com 报道了一一则令人震惊的消息:有人用蜂蜜治好了困扰他多年的慢性眼部感染。 配制方法  : I.  使用滴管将一到两滴蜂蜜滴入眼内。 II.  每天滴两到三次,直到感染清除。 III.  至于白内障,晚上在眼角滴一滴液体蜂蜜,将有所帮助(1974 年Paavo Airola 自然疗法博士) IV.  使用蜂蜜滴眼液后,眼睛可能会感到瘙痒,请别担心,因为这种瘙痒、灼热感是正常的,而且会渐渐消掉。 除了上述功效,传统医学也记载了蜂蜜的护眼功效。 a.  去除双眼的疲劳-  将蜂蜜涂在闭合的眼睑上。在舒缓的音乐中休息半小时后,用冷水洗净。这可使眼睛亮起来。另一方法是: 晚上在充满血丝的疲惫眼睛上点几滴蜂蜜,第二天早上你会发现眼睛变亮了。 b.  预防黄斑变性-  蜂蜜富含抗氧化剂,有助于护眼。 c.  预防青光眼-  许多研究显示,用蜂蜜作成的滴眼液可将青光眼的患病率降低50%。 d.  有助于促进血液循环至视神经-  蜂蜜可增加一氧化氮的产生,从而促进血液循环至视神经。因此,现在就开始使用蜂蜜,以保护视力。 (请注意:我们眼睛是很珍贵。往眼睛滴任何眼液都得谨慎。如果您以前对花粉、蜂蜜或相关产品过敏,请避免使用蜂蜜滴眼液。)
  8. 野生蜂蜜有助于分解肺部多余的粘液并将其与肺部的毒素排出。食用野生蜂蜜一段时间后,您口鼻中的痰和黏液可能会增多。这是正常的肺部排毒表现,并非副作用,是好转反应,这种暂时的现象是身体排毒过程的一部份,这些反应代表身体正在清除不洁物质、毒素及不平衡现象,并建立再生机制,当反应过去后身体就会好起来。主要分为二个阶段的表现: (一)第一阶段:痰和粘液会通过流鼻涕排出;这样毒素会从鼻子中清除,这将帮助那些有打鼾问题的人。 (二)第二阶段:痰粘液会经过3个回合的强烈咳嗽渐渐排出   第一回重咳  :会有大量的粘液和痰排出体外。第二回重咳  :会比第一回的咳嗽还要严重一些,但粘液和痰的排出量会有所减少。  第三回重咳:  比前二回的咳嗽或许还要更严重得多,但痰和粘液的排出量还会逐渐减少。 上述的咳痰能帮助清除呼吸道里的垃圾毒素,是一个排毒的过程  。粘液与上皮纤毛的机械性活动相结合,起着转送带样作用,将呼吸道中的污物运出。     由此,生理上,痰是由粘液腺分泌出来的黏液及浆液和异物的混合物。健康的人的黏液借纤毛运动被上送到呼吸道的上端后不知不觉被吞咽下去,所以健康的  人不见感觉有痰分泌出来。在有病菌,异物,发炎的时候,身体会加速我们的气管纤毛分泌痰液,所以这时候,我们排痰是清除呼吸道。专家表示,将痰排出是排毒。嗓子里有痰一定要排出来,不然反而会形成堵塞,使病菌往下走,形成更大感染。如果痰潜藏于体,中医称之为“宿痰”的寒湿痰邪,就会乘虚上犯,侵袭呼吸道,引起呼吸道疾病,包括哮喘、肺炎,支气管炎、囊性纤维化、肺气肿、鼻窦问题和睡眠呼吸暂停。因此清痰很重要。  喉咙有痰不易排出,怎么办?食用高保湿、碱性食物,如野生蜂蜜有助于将痰排出。痰的颜色深浅传达肺部健康状态,颜色越深潜在毛病越大。排毒过程吐出的痰颜色由绿变黄以至透明。在忍受这3个不同阶段的剧烈咳嗽以后,您会发现身体会得到一次有效的排毒,这将更深入的清除您肺部的毒素,让肺部不被阻塞从而易于身体吸入更多的氧气,使血液带氧气到您的大脑,从而缓解气喘和疲劳,促进人体免疫机能)  。中医认为蜂蜜性味甘平,十二经脉中归肺、脾和大肠经。主要的功能是补中、润燥和止咳。
  9. 野生蜂蜜可治疗腹泻、胃肠炎以及常见胃部并发症,如因幽门螺杆菌感染所引发的胃溃疡。 细菌附着于粘膜上皮细胞导致胃肠炎。蜂蜜可阻止致病细菌附着在肠道细胞上,从而降低感染风险,防止胃肠道受感染。至于因细菌感染所引发的腹泻,蜂蜜的抗菌特性有助于止泻。 喝蜂蜜水可补充身体水分,并在不增加钠的吸取的同时,提高钾的摄收。蜂蜜还可通过刺激新组织的生长,修复受损的肠粘膜,同时起到抗炎作用。因此,在日常饮食中加入蜂蜜,不仅可预防胃肠道细菌感染,还可帮助治疗腹泻和脱水。
  10. 对贫血者来说,野生蜂蜜是非常好的食物,因为野蜜含有重要的矿物质,包括铁、铜和锰,有助于血红蛋白的生成。贫血患者若每天服用野蜜,会注意到自己的精力显着增强。  研究员已证实,蜂蜜“有助于钙的吸收,从而增加血红蛋白计数,可治疗或预防由营养不良而引起的贫血症”(Eugene&Nelson,n.d.)。
  11. 有些年老者步行困难,可能是关节炎所致。  野蜜有助缓解关节炎疼痛。哥本哈根大学的一项研究让200名关节炎患者在早餐前服用一汤匙野蜜和半茶匙肉桂粉,一周之后发现,其中73名患者关节疼痛的症状减轻了,一个月后行走时不痛了。印度传统医5 学阿育吠陀经常将蜂蜜和草药合在一起下药。野蜜加肉桂粉也可外敷在疼痛部位,再渗透到皮肤里。 痛风也可能是导致行走困难的原因之一。许多痛风患者服用蜂蜜加肉桂和温水来缓解痛风症状。上述  配方必须定期服用才能看到成效。蜂蜜不是高嘌呤食物,少量饮用不会引发痛风发作,可成为痛风患者饮食中的天然甜味剂。 有些老人步行缓慢,或因肠道阻塞,体内废气长期积聚、排放不出所致。经常服用纯正野蜜将有助于排出体内气体和毒素,并滋补中气。
  12. 长期食用野生蜂蜜,您可能会发现自己的血压、胆固醇和血糖都有所改善,因为野蜜的抗氧化性能可抵消自由基,从而延缓老化,预防或调节三高  (高血压、高血脂和糖尿病)等慢性病。(General  Medicine,2014; Food Chem。2007)。野生蜂蜜的平均升糖指数为30-40,属于低升糖指数范围。  因此可将适量的野蜜纳入糖尿病患的日常饮食中。  市场上大多数的蜂蜜升糖指数通常介于55-80之间,属于高升糖指数,消费者得谨慎选购。  当然,即便是低升糖指数,大量饮用,也会导致血糖飙升,所以须适量饮用。
  13. 蜂蜜是一种天然的癌症疫苗。越来越多科学证据表明,蜂蜜具有抗癌特性。一些研究发现,蜂蜜可以抑制癌细胞的增长,诱导癌细胞凋亡和细胞的周期停滞。现在相当多的证据表明,蜂蜜是增强免疫力的天然食物,天然的抗炎剂、抗菌剂、癌症疫苗以及治疗慢性溃疡和伤口的天然药剂。  
  14. 幼儿成长期间会经常出现发高烧症状。喂幼儿食纯正野蜜,可缓解这种发烧症状,因为野蜜营养丰富,含有B1、B2、B3、B5、B6、C等多种维生素,镁、钾、钙、钠、锌、铁、硫、磷等矿物质,有助增强儿童的免疫力。野蜂蜜也是生长期的儿童的最佳食品,因为蜂蜜中的氨基酸可促进儿童生长发育。但1岁以下的婴儿,不可以喝蜜。 未经高温处理、未经加工的野生蜂蜜才完整地保留其所有的营养及活性成分,因为高温会破坏封蜂蜜中的活性成分和营养。
  15. 蜂蜜有助于治疗伤口、刀伤、烫伤、脚烂及各种皮肤溃疡。野蜂蜜去掉糖分后的酸度等同于醋,使细菌在创伤部位不能生存。故野蜂蜜的强大杀菌力,具有防止外伤化脓以及治疗皮肤溃烂的作用。在没有病菌的作用下,伤口的肿胀、疼痛程度都会大大减轻,还能消除死去的肌肉,加快伤口愈合。 将蜂蜜敷在割伤小伤口上,10-15秒内便可止血,敷上10分钟,让其杀菌。过后每天外敷两次,有助伤口快速愈合。 野蜂蜜对烫伤亦有卓效。尤其是烫伤。被烫伤后马上涂抹野蜂蜜,可以吸收患部水分,防止起水泡,又利用野蜂蜜的吸湿性,对消肿亦有良效。 根据当代护士的临床研究报告(Contemporary Nurse (Volume 51, Issue  2-3,  2015),蜂蜜在治疗烧伤伤口方面比含银敷料更好。据发现,蜂蜜不仅具有更多的抗菌特性,其还可使伤口愈合得更快(以伤口愈合所需的天数来衡量),再加上蜂蜜不像银那样会对皮肤起到不良作用。 许多科学研究发现,蜂蜜能够有效缩短烧伤愈合时间。19个临床试验,涉及2,554个烧伤病例,医生证明,比起普通用于治疗灼伤的纱布和薄膜敷料,蜂蜜可更快地使伤口愈合。《国际下肢伤口杂志》上发表的另一项研究发现,在治疗烫伤方面,蜂蜜比任何药物都有效。涉及2,062名烧伤者的22项试验发现: - 蜂蜜可杀菌,防止伤口细菌感染, - 伤口有异味,蜂蜜可除臭 - 永久性疤痕明显减少 - 蜂蜜促进了抗炎活性
  16. 野生蜂蜜对消除蚊虫叮咬非常有效,因为它具有抗炎作用,同时它的抗菌力比常规抗菌凝胶强4倍。蜂蜜也有助减少蚊虫叮咬的瘙痒。 若被蜜蜂叮咬,将蜂蜜涂抹在被叮咬处,用宽松的绷带覆盖住,并敷上约一小时。
  17. 研究证明,蜂蜜可有效的治疗特应性皮炎,湿疹的一种。根据健康网站Netdoctor,擦拭野生蜂蜜在湿疹皮肤上时,可舒缓7 皮疹,因为野蜜具有抗菌、抗真菌和防腐功能。您可以每天服食2 汤匙野生蜂蜜和/或在湿疹部位涂抹野蜜,以缓解病情。
  18. 数个世纪以来,蜂蜜都被用于养颜美容。蜂蜜包含多种维生素、矿物质、氨基酸、抗氧化剂,因此蜂蜜面膜可在几天内有效减少皱纹,清洁肌肤,并改善肤色。这面膜不但适合所有类型肌肤,也适用于滋养和保护肌肤健康,并有助于治疗痤疮、红斑痤疮、皮疹、湿疹、牛皮癣、真菌感染等皮肤问题。 将天然野生蜂蜜直接敷在脸上,起到什么作用? -  黑斑:会慢慢淡化您皮肤上的细小黑斑、雀斑等 -  丘疹  :会促使脸部的痘痘迅速成熟,消肿,褪去,从而让皮肤变得光滑、洁净。 总而言之,纯天然野生蜂蜜有助于缓解以下健康问题: 
  • 粉刺 / 青春痘
  • 失智症
  • 高血压
  • 贫血
  • 腹泻
  • 高胆固醇
  • 哮喘
  • 糖尿病
  • 失眠
  • 视力模糊
  • 湿疹
  • 洗肾病人
  • 癌症
  • 老人行走困难
  • 肺部感染
  • 便秘
  • 发烧
  • 口腔溃疡
  • 咳嗽、喉咙痛
  • 痛风
  • 打鼾
  • 2019 冠状病毒
  • 胃痛
  • 胃溃疡
  • 割伤、烧伤或灼伤
  • 手足口症
  • 中风