Buy 5 Get 1 Free Promotion NATURAL BEESWAX CANDLES

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Buy 5 Get 1 Free Promotion NATURAL BEESWAX CANDLES

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1. Created by bees -100% natural chemical free.
2. Non-toxic - emit very little smoke.
3. Burns longer and drip little (This offset higher cost compared to paraffin candles)
4. The only candles that emit negative ions. Purify and cleanse air quality - A natural IONIZER.
5. Benefit those with environmental allergies, sensitivities and asthma.
6. BEESWAX candles release sweet aromatic scent derived from honey & pollen that remained in the honeycomb cells.


1. 100%纯天然蜂蜡制成,无任何化学添加物。
2. 无毒,点燃蜂蜡时无污染空气 。
3. 蜂蜡烛燃烧时间长、滴蜡油少且火苗稳定,与石蜡相比,更经济实惠。
4. 蜂蜡燃烧时可净化空气,更能增加空气中的负离子 - 天然负离子机。
5. 蜂蜡有益于哮喘患者、容易过敏者和对环境污染敏感的人。
6. 蜂蜡蜡烛燃烧时有淡淡的自然蜂香。

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